Website and Social Media Audits for Small Business

What's the point of having a website if no one can find it?

As a small business owner you invest a lot of time in managing your online presence: blog posts, social media, a website, sales page. But: Is it working? In order to win at online marketing you need carefully written content that both people and search engines can understand.

$500 - Social Media & Website Audit 

MacManda Media will conduct a detailed analysis of your current content marketing strategy and sites; and actionable recommendations for growth for the following digital marketing channels: 

Social Profile Channels, Photos and Bios: 

  • Are they branded, clear, compelling, and appropriate for each social site? 
  • What do you post: Are you posting at the right frequency, with interesting content? 
  • How you post: Are your posts the right format for each channel – do the posts look good? 
  • Are you using tools that are appropriate for that social site, ie #hashtags and images? 
  • Engagement: How many followers do you have and what interaction do you have 
  • Brand mentions: are your followers talking about you? 
  • Content analysis: what types of content are working – and not working – for you on each channel? 
  • Cross-channel promotion – are you inviting followers to visit you on other channels? 


  • Is your site user friendly and SEO friendly? 
  • Is your logo, branding and messaging clear? SERP results? 
  • Is the site easy to navigate? 
  • Does your site load quickly? 
  • Is content clear and compelling? 
  • Is your content format friendly for online reading? 
  • Are you using SEO content strategies 
  • Keywords and phrases 
  • Alt text on images 
  • H1 and H2 tags 
  • Heading tags and description tags 
  • Lead capture 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Mobile friendly Analytics 


  • Do you have a content strategy that attracts visitors, encourages sharing and provides quality information? 
  • Is the content useful and well-written?
  •  Is the content formatted for online reading? 
  • Are you using SEO-friendly content strategies? 
  • Keywords and phrases 
  • Visuals 
  • Alt text on images 
  • H1 and H2 tags 
  • Social sharing 
  • Lead capture 


  • Is branding and messaging consistent across platforms? 
  • Does digital presence align with business goals? 
  • Is the voice consistent across platforms? 
  • Do platforms target the same audiences? 

Custom Rates Available on Request 

Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofits

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