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Virtual Event Marketing: How to Promote Your Online Event

A virtual event is held online rather than in real-life and allows you to reach a wider audience than in-person events. Online-only virtual events are a gathering of people where attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected via a common activity by going online over the internet. Online event manager Eventbrite…
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FB Live or Podcast: What’s Best for Your Business?

Reaching new audiences is a must-do to grow businesses. Small business owners who communicate directly with their audience stand out on social media and see increased engagement - and sales! There are many ways to tell your story and engage with your target audience on social media - and 2 of the biggest and most…
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2020: What You Need to Know

Technology will always be a key part of digital marketing trends, and that continues in 2020. But in 2020 the biggest drivers in digital marketing will involve people, not technology. Why? Because people do business with people.  Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends we're preparing to see more of in 2020! 5 Digital…
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What Are Your 2020 Content Marketing Goals?

Are You Ready For 2020? December is not only the last month of the year, but it's also the last month of the decade! If you want to start off with a bang, take some time now to plan your content marketing strategy for the new year. Developing your content marketing strategy now pays off…
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Fall 2019 Facebook and Instagram Changes

Its been a busy year for both Facebook and Instagram users and account owners as both social media platforms are continuing to introduce new features and changes to their algorithm. Combined, FB and IG have over 2.27 billion users, and 75% of those users logon daily. Facebook has announced that both FB and IG have…
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October is National Women’s Small Business Month

This month we recognize the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs. October was established as National Women’s Small Business Month to celebrate women business owners. As a female small business owner, I'm looking for ways to celebrate other women who own small businesses. And as a new working mom, I want my daughter to grow up in…
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Local SEO = Google My Business

89% of consumers search Google for information and solutions to their problems.Statista For many small business owners, local digital marketing is more important than ever. Can people in your community find you? What happens when people look for your services on their mobile phone? Does your business show up on Google Maps? How does your…
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What is ALT Text? – & Why You Need It

People love images in blogs and social media posts. They love them so much that images are a ranking signal for search engines and strategic use of relevant images on your website and blog can help you rank higher. But Google and other search engines can’t see pictures. ALT tags – or alternative text –…
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Low-Cost Tech Tools for Event & Festival Planners

Event professionals have their hands full creating, planning, marketing and executing events and festivals. Event managers are increasingly relying on the power of technology to help them manage their workload and connect with their audiences - and to produce better events. Events of all sizes and types can benefit from tech - small business events,…
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How to Attract Viewers to a Facebook Live Promoting Your Event

You need to build buzz and online visibility to promote your event. Social media marketing is key to making your event more visible, selling more tickets and getting more attendees. Social media tools can help spread your event news to the exact audience you're trying to reach. Video marketing still rules - because users love…
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