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MMM is seriously social: we share to help small businesses and nonprofits spread their message and grow their business.


Tips for Event Marketing on a Budget

Event Marketing on a Budget Events come in all sizes and all budgets. Designing, promoting and delivering an event on a tight or non-existent budget is a challenge - but it can be done! Our tips for event marketing on a budget require your time and energy and brainpower - but not a lot of money.…
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Should My Business Be on YouTube?

Why Your Business Should be Marketing on YouTube Your business can't be everywhere - to do a good job at content marketing, you need to determine which social media channels are best for your business. But without question, video is dominating social media and is favored by consumers in all demographics. As you create your content marketing…
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How to Determine What Social Media Platforms Work Best For Your Business

What Social Media Should My Business Use? If you're just starting to market your business on social media, or rethinking your current social media platforms, you're probably asking yourself: what social media channels should my business be on? You can't be everywhere at once. You'll spread yourself too thin if you try to jump on…
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Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Over Hiring In-House

Should you hire an in-house marketing team, or outsource your digital marketing to an agency? Your marketing needs change as your business grows and changes. You need more marketing help to build and promote your business. it takes time to recruit and train a marketing staff, and then someone has to manage the staff and…
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8 NonProfit Marketing MUSTS!

NonProfit Marketing MUSTS! Whether your nonprofit is a mom-and-pop cause run by friends and family or a multi-national organization with offices in dozens of cities, there's one thing for sure: Your nonprofit doesn't have enough people or time to get it all done! Running a successful nonprofit requires organization, dedication and time. You have a cause that…
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Event Marketing Tips and Tricks

The date is scheduled and the venue is booked: now all you need is people to show up! Building buzz for your event is not a single activity: successful event marketing goes on months before and after your event, and often is year round! You can't alway depend on the weather, but you can ALWAYS depend…
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How to Build Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Branding If you thought LinkedIn is just for salesmen looking for leads or job seekers trying to network, you're missing out on a strategic online opportunity to build your personal brand and grow and manage your connections and relationships. Today, everyone has a personal brand: who you are, what you do, and why…
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Digital Marketing Branding Template – FREE Download

Digital Marketing Branding Template This branding guide sheet will help you create a brand and personality on your social media platforms, reach your target audience and manage your social media posts. Brand consistency across all platforms is important: you want the same profile, colors and information so your audience recognizes you. Our free branding guide…
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Weekly Social Media Marketing Planner – FREE Download

Weekly Digital Marketing Content Planner Each week you can use this social media content marketing planner to map out your online marketing plan in detail. We have provided a sample of the weekly planner, and a blank weekly planner for you to use. Scheduling your social media in advance will keep you organized, boost your…
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Content Calendar Template – FREE Download

Digital Marketing Content Planning Calendar Each month you can use this free content marketing calendar to plan your online marketing content. We are sharing the planning calendar the team at MacManda Media uses to schedule our social media and online marketing activity each month. The last page is a blank marketing calendar to use to plan…
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