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Category Archives: Content Marketing

FB Live or Podcast: What’s Best for Your Business?

Reaching new audiences is a must-do to grow businesses. Small business owners who communicate directly with their audience stand out on social media and see increased engagement - and sales! There are many ways to tell your story and engage with your target audience on social media - and 2 of the biggest and most…
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What Are Your 2020 Content Marketing Goals?

Are You Ready For 2020? December is not only the last month of the year, but it's also the last month of the decade! If you want to start off with a bang, take some time now to plan your content marketing strategy for the new year. Developing your content marketing strategy now pays off…
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What is ALT Text? – & Why You Need It

People love images in blogs and social media posts. They love them so much that images are a ranking signal for search engines and strategic use of relevant images on your website and blog can help you rank higher. But Google and other search engines can’t see pictures. ALT tags – or alternative text –…
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How To Build an Event Landing Page That Converts

The first contact most people will have with your event is when they see your event landing page. Event planners don't want only to drive traffic to their event page: they need the landing page to successfully convince visitors to take action. Whatever type of event you're organizing, in order for your event to be…
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The Difference Between Storytelling and Selling

A powerful story will make people pay attention to your brand. Storytelling is a must-have skill in your marketing arsenal. People want to connect with a product and the brand: they want to have real, authentic experiences - not a hard sell. Story telling instead of selling marketing can bring the right visitors to your website…
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Small Business Marketing Trends for 2018

What's on the horizon in 2018 for small businesses and nonprofits? Today's blog is by content marketing expert Catherine Russell on marketing trends for 2018.    Small business and entrepreneurs need to look for new and innovative ways to reach consumers, increase brand awareness, boost their marketing strategy and results – and not spend a…
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How To Create Images for Blogs and Social Media

Visual marketing is the use of images to convey your message. When you create unique images for your content, its sure to stand out in the crowd. Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest... even LinkedIn - all the major social media platforms give preference to images in their newsfeed. In addition, your blog posts, digital ads,…
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Increase Your Reach with SEO + Paid Advertising

Which is better to reach your target audience: SEO or paid ads?     SEO + PPC = $$$ To dominate search marketing, combine SEO marketing with paid ads to optimize your reach and maximize your budget. Organic search results are what appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone enters a word or string of…
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How to Create Client Personas for Your Target Audience

Do You Know Your Clients? If you want to build your business through digital marketing, you already know that the 1st step is to create a content marketing strategy so you have a plan of what you want to publish: what you want to share where you want to post it how you want to promote…
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