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3 Ways to Promote Your Blog Post | MacManda Media

3 Fast, Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Post (that you’re probably not doing now)

Do you feel like your company’s blog isn’t getting enough views? That you’re blogging away… but no one is reading? Writing and promoting your blog posts and articles takes time and creativity – two things you probably don’t have enough of!

Blogs are an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Your business needs a blog: see 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog. But what if no one is reading your blog? 

Get More Views: 3 Tips to Promote Your Blog Posts and Articles 

1. Submit Your Blog to StumbleUpon
Time: 30 seconds

StumbleUp is Adding your blogpost to StumbleUpon exposes it to over 15 million users, and users can select their interests and are then shown articles, websites, videos, images and other graphics that reflects their interests. Here are steps on how to add websites to StumbleUpon. 

StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among the top seven
social media sites, referring more than other social bookmarking
and voting sites such as Digg and Reddit according to Statcounter

– Kissmetrics

Here is how to submit your blog to StumbleUpon:
Note: Different browsers and browser extensions may be slightly different.

  • Go to the StumbleUpon website.
  • Login (or create) your account.
  • Click the Add A Page button under your user name.
  • Fill out the form: whether or not the site is Safe for Work, the main topic (there are over 500 to choose from), and the tags or keywords that are relevant to the article.
  • Click Save

Get More Views | 3 Tips to Promote Your Blog Post | Amanda MacMaster - MacManda Media

How do you know if StumbleUpon is sending more traffic to your website? 

  1. Login to your Google Analytics
  2. Select Acquisition from the left sidebar
  3. Select Social
  4. Select Network Referrals

The graphic below shows Google Analytics results for 1 day’s traffic on a website. You can see that while Facebook drove 58 viewers to the website, 8 viewers came from StumbleUpon.

How do you know if StumbleUpon is sending more traffic to your website? 


2. Send a Newsletter
Time: 1 hour per month 

Do you promote your blogs on social media – on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Most of your followers will NEVER even see your post in their feeds! Social media algorithms are confusing, constantly changing – and a secret! Many SEO experts spend a lot of time trying to crack the algorithm and find out how to get more views and engagement. You won’t beat the algorithm: instead, email a monthly newsletter with a summary of all your blog posts to your clients, prospects and

90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox,
whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed.

– Forrester Research

A  newsletter is the easiest way to keep your customers updated on the most important things you want them to know. 


3. Share to a Facebook or LinkedIn Group
Time: 2 minutes 

Are you a member of a social media group whose purpose aligns with your brand? If so, share your blog posts with the group! At MacManda Media we have a DIY Marketing Private Facebook Group – exclusively for students of our online digital marketing course. Our members are interested in knowing the newest, most efficient and best-practice digital marketing strategies. And guess what – that’s what MMM blogs about! So it’s a no-brainer for us to share our latest blog post with our Facebook group.

If you’re not a member of any Facebook or LinkedIn groups relevant to your business, join a couple; there are many benefits to joining social media groups:

  • boost your brand’s name and online reputation
  • network with your peers
  • find – and share! – good content
  • demonstrate your expertise

Or, create your own group for your customers and prospects!

DIY Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and NonProfits | MacManda Media | Facebook Group

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How to Market Your Blog Post: Free Checklist 

Blogging just begins when you hit Publish. The critical part of blogging is promoting your blog posts so they get found and read online, called content marketing – the process of creating and promoting valuable content that will drive targeted traffic to your website.

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