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#FacebookHashtags #Facebook Is Now Hashtag Friendly! | Amanda MacMaster | MacManda Media

#Facebook Is Now Hashtag Friendly!

Hashtags are a way to organize your content on social media so you can find other people talking about the same topic. Hashtags allow you to share your social media posts with people who are not your followers and to grow your reach and influence. First used on Twitter, hashtags are wildly popular on Instagram and are increasingly used on LinkedIn for business posts. For years Pinterest didn’t support hashtags – but they do now! And now, #Facebook is now hashtag friendly!

When you include hashtags on Facebook, you should see an increase in organic reach!!

Mari Smith, Facebook Marketing Expert

Facebook Is Rolling Out Hashtags

Facebook doesn’t provide users with very much information on how to use hashtags on Facebook, but users are beginning to see notifications from Facebook encouraging them to add hashtags to increase organic reach.

  • Some users are seeing Browse buttons on posts inviting them to explore a posted hashtag.
  • Facebook is auto-suggesting hashtags to some users while writing posts. 

Why the change? Facebook has let users use and search #s since 2013. But since Facebook bought Instagram a couple of years ago – and as we know, hashtags are wildly popular on IG – its only logical that Facebook wants to take advantage of user preferences.

To search for and explore hashtags type # plus your search term into the Facebook search bar. It will auto-populate and give you suggestions for other related hashtags which could be useful for your posts.

How to Use #Facebook Hashtags As Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Here are some best practices for using #hashtags on Facebook:

  1. Use hashtags in your Facebook posts to increase your reach and online visibility. You can use as many hashtags as you like, but we recommend adding 3-5 and then expanding to 10-15 relevant hashtags.
  2. You can now use the search bar at the top of Facebook to search for relevant hashtags you could use. Another tip is to use Instagram to also find good hashtags!
  3. Start building a list of hashtags that you can refer back to. Creating a note on your phone for them can be useful!
  4. Use branded hashtags strategically. A branded hashtag is one that you created and that is unique or relevant to your brand, such as #MMM for MacMandaMedia. Branded hashtags on all your social media posts is an easy way for people to find you.
  5. Perform hashtag A/B tests and monitor results. Some hashtags are relevant on multiple social media platforms, but others are successful on only one platform. Just because it works on Twitter, don’t assume that the same hashtag is beneficial on Facebook.
  6. Using hashtags on Facebook could be annoying to your followers since they’re not used to them. Instead of using them in the middle of your sentence (like many users on Instagram), add all your hashtags at the end of your post.
  7. Don’t forget to use local hashtags to boost your local marketing efforts.
  8. 🔥 HOT TIP from Mari Smith: You might consider going back through some of your best performing Facebook posts and ADDING hashtags!!

If you auto-share your Instagram posts to Facebook, now your hashtags won’t look so out of touch!

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