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Increase Your Reach with SEO + Paid Advertising

Increase Your Reach with SEO + Paid Advertising

Which is better to reach your target audience: SEO or paid ads?

    SEO + PPC = $$$

To dominate search marketing, combine SEO marketing with paid ads to optimize your reach and maximize your budget.

Organic search results are what appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone enters a word or string of words in the Search field.

Non-organic search results come from paid traffic, such as pay per click (PPC) campaigns.


page 1 of results receives 90% of all search traffic

~ Search Engine Journal 

How to Rank High On Search Engines

1. Keyword Strategy
To rank high in SERPs, businesses can implement a keyword strategy for your content that correlates to the words your target audience uses to solve a specific problem. Businesses then strategically incorporate those keywords into their website and online content so that their web page displays when those keywords are entered. Ranking high on page 1 of SERPs for targeted keywords is the goal of every online marketer.

2. Paid Ads
Another way to dominate SERPs is through paid advertising on search engines. PPC ads can give your business p 1 rank for a relatively small cost, depending on how much competition there is for the keywords you’re targeting in your ad.

3. Local Search
Google favors local search results in rank to help consumers find a convenient solution to their problem. So if you make the best widgets in the US, but your competitor makes the 6th best widgets, a person who lives near your competitor is likely to see their web page ranked higher than yours because it is geographically closer.

Tip: Google My Business provides very clear instructions on how to improve your local search rank. 

4. Featured Snippets
Search engines – especially Google – often display a featured, boxed response at the top of the SERP when a question is asked in Search.

Note: Many businesses include How To strategies in their content marketing so that their answers are displayed in featured snippets. However, many users get their answer in the featured snippet, and don’t click on the link!

How Does Google Format SERPs?

Google Universal Search results is how Google formats and displays the different types of search results. Typically,

1. Paid ads are at the top or bottom of the page, indicated by a small blue box under the result title, with the words Ad or Sponsored.

2. Organic search results are ranked for highest relevance, and listed between the top and bottom paid ads.

3. Featured snippets are at the left top of the page, in a box.

4. Local search results are on the right side of the page, above the fold, and usually contain maps, images and link.

How to Increase Your Reach with SEO + Paid Advertising

At MacManda Media to increase your search rank, we favor an approach that combines organic SEO strategies with PPC campaigns.

When we design a website or rewrite website copy, we include a keyword strategy to help the business get found online by people and understood by search engines. Our SEO strategies include:

To complement an SEO campaign, we recommend paid advertising options including:

  • Facebook ads to get more Likes
  • Google PPC campaigns to get immediate visibility on page 1
  • LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram ads to target demographics of the businesses target audiences

SEO can be a learned DIY strategy, and is free to use but can be an investment in resources to research, strategize and implement. PPC and paid ads have vastly different result potential depending ou your budget, and can range from as little as $1/day (Facebook ads) to $10,ooo/day for Google ads, and can be driven up by bidding wars with competitors for your target keyword.

an integrated search strategy that looks at
both SEO and PPC is the optimal approach

~ Search Engine Land 



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