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What Are Your 2020 Content Marketing Goals? | Amanda MacMaster | MacManda Media

What Are Your 2020 Content Marketing Goals?

Are You Ready For 2020?

December is not only the last month of the year, but it’s also the last month of the decade! If you want to start off with a bang, take some time now to plan your content marketing strategy for the new year. Developing your content marketing strategy now pays off in the long run since it will allow you to start the year off strong and minimize the need to come up with content at the last minute. Now is the time to plan your marketing and content strategy for the new year.

Here is our 5-step strategy to map out your content plan and achieve your 2020 content marketing goals.

Your 20/20 Content Marketing Vision for 2020

1. Audit and Analyze Your Current Strategy
What is your current content marketing strategy – and is it working? Look at your website and social media analytics – how do they compare to previous years?

• How many followers do you have on social media?

• How many website visitors do you have, and how long do they stay on each web page?

• How much engagement do you receive – comments, likes and retweets?

• Which social media channel has the most success?

• Which blog posts got the best results?

2. Set Your Content Budget
It’s important for small businesses to carefully decide how to spend your marketing dollars. Here are some issues to consider when setting your content marketing budget.

• Who is going to create your content – you? Or will you need to hire and pay someone to create, promote and manage your content?

• Yes, posting on social media is free. But more and more social media promotion of your content is pay to play – if you want your followers and target audience to see your content on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms you will likely need to pay for advertising.

3. Establish Your Content Marketing Goals
Why are you creating new content for your website and social media sites? What audience are you trying to reach? What are the best social media platforms to reach your target audience?

Creating client personas – also called buyer personas – involves breaking down your ideal client into clearly defined demographics that help you create content to that specific persona, rather than a more generalized target client.

Read our article: How to Create Client Personas for Your Target Audience 

4. Create a Content Calendar
Your content calendar can include your blog, email newsletter, social media, web content and more. Mapping out a plan will help you create a strategy that will make all of your online communication platforms work together and work for you. Each month you can use this free content marketing calendar to plan your online marketing content. We are sharing the planning calendar the team at MacManda Media uses to schedule our social media and online marketing activity each month. The last page is a blank marketing calendar to use to plan your content strategy. We create content calendars! Email me -> to make an appointment to prepare and plan for 2020. 

5. Choose a Content Scheduling Tool
If you write it, they will won’t come. In order for your content to be found, you need to promote it to your target audience. After you create content, you need to schedule it to post on your website, blog and social media platforms. There are many tools to help schedule and promote your social media so your posts go live at the best time – and free you up to do other tasks. Many of these scheduling tools are free or freemium – a paid version that offers extra features.

One of our favorite scheduling tools is HootSuite. This freemium tool lets you schedule posts on up to 3 different social media channels for free, 4 or more channels start at $14.99/month; and help you plan and analyze your posts on dozens of social platforms.

Read our article: Automate versus Scheduling Social Media: There’s A Difference 

Creating a content marketing plan drastically improves your chances of achieving your 2020 marketing goals. By following our 5 step content marketing plan, you can attract more leads and customers using content marketing in 2020.


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