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3 Simple Tips to Be Consistent on Social Media

3 Strategies to Be Consistent on Social Media

Be Consistent on Social Media

It’s better to tweet once a day and be consistent than to tweet 10 times a day for a week, then skip a few weeks because you get busy. Create a routine that your audience can follow. The worst thing you can do is to stop posting. Someone who visits your Facebook page and sees it’s not up to date might think you closed your doors!

When starting on social media, it’s smart to begin with only 2 or 3 platforms where you believe most of your audience is. Do some research: if your target is students and stay at home moms, they may not be on LinkedIn. Focus on those channels that your main audience visits regularly – say Twitter and Facebook. Later, when you’ve mastered those channels and have built a following, you can target new audiences on other social networks to help grow your business, such as Instagram or Pinterest.

3 Simple Tips for Being Consistent on Social Media

1. Schedule Time
Block out time on your calendar every week or monthly to plan and schedule your social media posts in advance. Spend a couple hours one day a month or an hour a week to plan and schedule your social media. This will keep your pages current and consistent even when unexpected workloads keep you too busy to post on your social media.

Most businesses have messages they can plan in advance:

  • Seasonal sales and promotions
  • Holiday greetings and well-wishes
  • #Hashtags: Throwback Thursday, Motivational Monday, quotes, quizzes, #FYI and #DYK and other social media conventions are popular with users and give you content ideas

tip: Download our free Social Media Marketing Weekly Calendar

2. Create a Brand Image
Your brand personality and voice on social media platforms helps you reach your target audience and establish your brand identity. Visuals and graphics are a big part of your branding strategy.

Brand consistency across all platforms is important: you want the same profile, voice, colors and information so your audience recognizes you. Brand consistency does not mean the same brand messaging on all your social channels: each social media channel should focus on the demographics you’re targeting on that platform: your message and images on Instagram for 25-year-olds may be very different from how you post to your Facebook audience.

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3. Use Tools
Tools are important to help you manage both your time and your message on your social channels. Using tools to plan and schedule your posts in advance is a smart way to optimize your time. Some of our favorite tools for managing social media that are easy to get started with:

  • HootSuite: Schedule your social media posts in advance; free and paid versions
  • Facebook Post Scheduler: Schedule your Facebook Page posts days, weeks or even months in advance
  • Buffer: Schedules your post for the best time to reach your audience, free and paid versions

tip: Consider your resources. Outsourcing your social media management is a smart idea if marketing is not your strength, and your team does not have the time or resources to manage your social media marketing. Read more: How to Outsource Digital Marketing Agency 

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