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5 Email List #GrowthHacks

Email List Growth Hacks

How to Build Your Mailing List

A mailing list remains a top tool used by online marketers to connect with customers and increase their sales. Whether you send a monthly newsletter, a weekly email offer or daily email updates email is where your customers and prospects live online:

66% of online consumers check their email account multiple times per day, with 13% of online consumers actually checking their email hourly or more frequently

~ The Relevancy Group

Building an email list that has the right demographics is a powerful lead generation tool: but your email content has to be valuable, useful and interesting to your subscribers:

  • exclusive: Your newsletter should have information and offers that are unique to your mailing list from what you share on your blog and social media.
  • relevant: Know your demographics, and send your mailing list offers and information that they will find useful and helpful so they want to open your emails.
  • quality: Invest the time to make your email look and sound appropriate for your demographic. If your audience is business executives your emails should have a very different tone and visuals from mailings targeting moms or retirees or students. Well-written emails without typos or poor grammar are a must for every audience!

5 Email List #GrowthHacks

1. Add Newsletter SignUp CTA to Your Top Web Pages
According AppSumo’s Noah Kagan, your Home page and About Us page are most likely the best spots on your website for a newsletter CTA, because they get the most traffic. 

SumoMe and Hello Bar are 2 easy newsletter signup tools for your website.

2. Invite Your Social Media Followers to Join Your Mailing List
Use your social media following to build your email list! You’ve spent a lot of time growing your following on social media, most of them probably don’t even know you have a newsletter!

Design a graphic inviting your followers to join, and post it with a link to your mailing list sign up form. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are all great opportunities to promote your mailing list to followers.

3. Include a Newsletter SignUp CTA on Your Blog
People who find and read your blog are prime candidates for your mailing list:

  • they already have met you online
  • they’re interested in your expertise or product

82% of consumers open emails from companies

~ Salesforce

A newsletter signup widget at the bottom of your blog or a pop-up on every blog post are tried-and-true ways to invite your blog readers to signup for your mailing list.

4. Incentivize Your Subscribers to Forward Your Newsletter
It’s great to ask your email subscribers to forward your newsletter: but it’s better to give them an incentive to share your newsletter! People are more likely to take a recommendation from a friend than a stranger, so thank your subscribers for recommending you to their friends: 

  • gift: Offer a freebie if they share your email on their social media channels. Make it easy by including a Tweet This link right in your email.
  • discount: Provide a discount to your newsletter subscribers who forward your email to someone who becomes a subscriber. 

5.  Promotion
Offer new mailing list subscribers a special offer for joining your list:

  • a free ebook, webinar or white paper
  • free shipping on your product
  • a special discount exclusive to new subscribers

Growth hacks are smart strategies to build your mailing list with people who are interested in your topic or product. Your mailing list is only as good as the demographics of your subscribers: it’s not a numbers game. 100 subscribers who are interested in your service are far more valuable than 1000 subscribers who aren’t going to even open your email, much less engage with your content.

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