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How to Create A Facebook Ad Custom Audience

How to Create A Facebook Ad Custom Audience

Facebook Custom Audiences for Powerful Targeted Ads

There are many options available to target your Facebook ads via Facebook Ad Manager. To reach new audiences, you may want to target your ad based on demographics such as location, interests, gender or age. You can also target your ad’s audience based on your existing CRM (customer relationship management system). This means you can target your ads to your current customers, lapsed or inactive customers, mailing lists and your other contacts. Facebook ad Custom Audience lists for highly targeted ads can be built in both Ad Manager or Power Editor.

How to Target Your Facebook Ads to Your Current Customers

Your ad strategy may include reconnecting with your customers, queries, newsletter or blog subscribers and other contacts. Facebook provides an excellent video with detailed instructions which shows you how to create a custom audience from your customer files:

How to Create a Custom Audience Facebook Ad

Facebook recommends you have several hundred people on your custom list to get the best results from a targeted ad. Your customer list can include:

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • UIDs (Facebook user ID number)

Note: Each customer list can only have one type of data, not a mix of addresses and phone numbers and UIDs. 

You can upload your customer list as a file (.txt or .csv) or copy and paste it into Facebook’s Custom Audience builder. 

Here are some sources for your contacts to consider for your Facebook ad custom list:

  1. Your MailChimp or other mailing contact list 
  2. Subscribers to your blog post 
  3. Visitors to your website (using the Facebook Pixel tracking code)
  4. Your customer email address or phone number database

Facebook has recently released new, advanced options to build Custom Audiences:

  1. Engagement audiences of people who looked at your Facebook and Instagram pages or ads
  2. People who use or look at your mobile app

Facebook will map your data – which they call hash your data – and compare it against Facebook’s own data to create your Custom Audience list. According to AdEspresso,

Facebook typically can match 60-80% of your list to Facebook users to create your Custom Audience list.

How to Target Your Facebook Ads To a Custom Audience

Once you’ve built your Custom Audience(s), that list creates powerful targeted Facebook ads.

  1. Create and upload your ad in Ad Manager or Power Editor as usual.
  2. Select Audience
  3. Choose one or more Custom Audience

Create Custom Audiences, Not Spam

Your custom audience list should only contain your contacts and people who have chosen to interact with your business online. A custom audience list is not spam. Just as your email list can only target people who have given you permission to contact them, Facebook offers clear guidelines to ensure that people in your Custom Audience are people you have permission to contact and have not opted out of your customer lists.


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