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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly- Why Content Optimization Matters

Mobile Marketing: Are Your Visitors Leaving?

#MobileGeddon and AMP:
Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly

53% of mobile site visits are abandoned
if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load

~ Google

Many months ago in April 2015 Google notified website owners that they were changing their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly sites with higher rank and would penalize websites that did not provide a positive mobile experience for use on smaller mobile devices.

Nicknamed #MobileGeddon, smart marketers quickly optimized their websites and made them mobile-friendly to be sure they didn’t lose traffic. Within months, Adobe reported that too many businesses had lost 10-12% of their mobile traffic due to Google’s new algorithm.

Why the emphasis on mobile experience? The simple fact is:

 57% of all time spent on digital media is on mobile devices


According to The Need for Mobile Speed study by Google,

  • websites that load in 5 seconds vs 19 seconds have:
    • 25% higher ad viewability
    • 70% longer average sessions
    • 35% lower bounce rates

Recently Google started AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages so that mobile pages load quicker, with a goal to deliver content almost instantly. Starting in August, Google started notifying webmasters to optimize their pages for AMP so that users get information faster and easier.

What Mobile-Friendly Means To Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Your business has a website so your products and services can be easily found online. Google’s stated goal is to make the web easy to use and accessible to everyone. For small business and nonprofits, this means your website needs to be mobile-friendly so that users enjoy using your site, and aren’t frustrated by slow load times.

Search Engine Optimizations – SEO – is the process of helping your website get found more easily by people and rank higher on search engines. Today, your website content is critical to determining if your website is easy for people to use and easily understood by search engines.

1. Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?
Google provided a free tool to check if your site is mobile-friendly: see if your website is mobile-friendly here.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-friendly design is called responsive design, meaning the website responds and adapts to the size your device so website content is easy to read and navigate on different platforms including mobile phones and tablets.

2. How Much Traffic Does Your Website Get from Mobile?
Google Analytics provides reports to compare traffic rates for mobile as a whole, and for each mobile platform: see Audience > Mobile > Overview

Why Content Marketing Matters for SEO

Your content marketing strategy should emphasize creating useful, relevant, well-written content that is optimized so that it’s easily understood by people and search engines.

Not sure where to start your content optimization? Siege Media created a content optimization infographic to help you create content that is 10x better than your competitor’s.

Create mobile-friendly content that is 10x better than your competitor

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