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Nonprofit Marketing Musts

8 NonProfit Marketing MUSTS!

NonProfit Marketing MUSTS!

Whether your nonprofit is a mom-and-pop cause run by friends and family or a multi-national organization with offices in dozens of cities, there’s one thing for sure:

Your nonprofit doesn’t have enough people or time
to get it all done!

Running a successful nonprofit requires organization, dedication and time. You have a cause that you are committed to and goals that you want to achieve. Now it’s time to spread the word and get more support from your community.

Marketing helps nonprofits achieve visibility, growth and funding.

Marketing gets your message to the public. Too often, nonprofits are so busy running their events and programs that they don’t have time to promote their organization. Marketing and communicating your needs and message is the key for nonprofits to get more public awareness, volunteers and money to support their cause.

8 Nonprofit Marketing Musts

1. Put It In Writing
A marketing plan is just an idea until it’s written down with goals, deadlines, assignments and strategies to achieve your goals. If your marketing plan is verbal, chances are everyone will have a different idea of your goals and timelines.

No Surprises: Whether there are 2 people or 50 people on your team, a written marketing plan will make sure everyone has the same expectations and is working toward the same goal.

2. Clear Branding and Messaging
Your nonprofit must be easily recognizable to people who want to support your cause. Developing branding and messaging that identify your organization and your mission make it easier for you to stand out from the competition: the many other nonprofit organizations who also want your community’s support, money and time. Your organizations should have a logo and slogan that are used on all your marketing and PR materials, and that are visible at all your events. Your special events and activities or programs may also have their own logo and slogan but they should be used with – not instead of – your organization’s logo and slogan.

tip: Download our free branding guide to you create a brand image and personality, reach your target audience and manage your social media posts.

3. Social Media Marketing
Every nonprofit should have a presence on social media. You don’t need to be on every social media channel – but you should be present on 2 or 3. Most social media is free to use – but you need to invest time and resources to write social media posts, respond to new followers and their comments, and to find new supporters and followers.

Don’t choose the social media channels you prefer: promote your organization on the social media sites your audience uses. If your audience is on SnapChat and Instagram, then that’s where your nonprofit needs to be too!

4. Be Consistent: Year-Round Presence
Your nonprofit may run one event per year, and your team gets together a few months in advance to plan your event or fundraiser. If your nonprofit isn’t active for several months at a time, plan social media posts throughout the entire year to remind your supporters of your upcoming event or sister organizations you want to support.

tip: There are free and paid tools to help you schedule your social media posts days, weeks or even months in advance. A few of our favorites are HootSuite, Buffer, and Facebook Scheduler.

5. Build Brand Advocates and Influencers
Running a nonprofit is hard work – so let people who are committed to your cause help you spread the word! Brand advocates and influencers are people who will publicly support your nonprofit on their social media posts. You may look for people you don’t know who are already supporting your cause and recruit them to become advocates for your organization. Or your active supporters might ask how they can help spread the word about your cause.

tip: Provide your brand advocates and influencers with information about your nonprofit so they are sure to deliver the right message, at the right time. Many nonprofits include their brand advocates and influencers in their volunteer or employee training programs to help them feel like part of the team, and make sure they have the most current information.

6.  Google
Google for Nonprofits offers ‘free or discounted programs and grants to nonprofit organizations that meet their criteria and offers tips and case studies for nonprofits to meet their goals using Google products. Google programs support nonprofit activities including:

  • Google Grants: access to $10,000 FREE in-kind advertising per month in Google AdWords along with many other benefits.
  • Outreach Grants: Develop customized Enterprise-level maps for your organization using HTML5 and Javascript with Google Maps APIs.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program: Access exclusive resources, features and programs designed to maximize your organization’s impact on YouTube.
  • Google Apps for Nonprofit: Free version of the Google Apps business productivity suite, including Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and more.
  • One Today by Google: Free access to a mobile fundraising platform.’

7. Sponsors and Partners
Corporate sponsors and partners are willing to provide nonprofit organizations with money and resources in exchange for positive PR and event branding opportunities:

  • Media Sponsors: Media often will partner with nonprofit events in exchange for sponsor benefits – FREE ADVERTISING and PR.
  • Community Partners: Build relationships with other local nonprofits and find ways to work together and cross promote your causes and events.
  • Find Sponsors: Recruit corporate sponsors to fund your projects and events, and find creative ways to promote their business. In-kind donation sponsors are great too – they save you money!

8. Take Advantage of Anything FREE
As a nonprofit your marketing budget is tight: take advantage of any free resources and marketing opportunities such as:

  • free local newspaper and TV calendar listings to market events
  • speaking opportunities at local community business groups and associations
  • students from local colleges for marketing internships or projects

Marketing is a must for nonprofits to get the word out about their cause, recruit more supporters and raise more money.

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