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PR and Content Marketing: BFFs

How to Use Content Marketing for Public Relations

Content marketing is the art of creating high quality, relevant and useful information to drive a specific audience to your online content - such as your website, a video, a new blog post or a specific landing page. Effective PR is about getting a specific message to your audience and encouraging that audience to take action - such as donate money, purchase a product, or attend an event.

Content marketing and PR should work closely together to get your message out both online and through the media, so your business or nonprofit's message gets heard by the people you want to reach. Content marketing should be part of your overall public relations strategy so your overall communications plan maximizes your efforts and reaches your clients and prospects.

3 Ways To Integrate PR and Content Marketing

Public relations and content marketing are increasingly linked. By incorporating content marketing - and SEO - into your PR strategy you can maximize your opportunities to deliver your message to your target online audience. You must create a clear campaign strategy that integrates PR and content so that your messaging attracts your target audience to visit your website.

1. Identify Your Online Content Opportunities 
There are many different outlets for online content marketing, target 2-3 that will best support your public relations campaign:

  • blog posts
  • videos
  • infographics
  • white papers

Once you identify which platforms are best for your PR campaign, you can create a strategy for each online outlet.

2. Have a Distribution Plan
You can write great content, but what's the point if no one is reading it? Your content promotion strategy can be either:

  • free distribution on social media platforms by posting on your sites
  • paid, targeted advertising on your social media channels

Today, more and more social media platforms are pay to play: if you want your posts to be seen, you need to pay to promote them. Facebook is the perfect example. Your Facebook page may have thousands of followers, but when you post a blog it typically will not show up in your followers' newsfeed. You have to either Boost your Facebook post, or take out a Facebook ad to get that post in your follower's feeds, as well as in front of other targeted audiences.

PR typically targets your message distribution to the media, while content marketing is targeting your distribution directly to your online audience.

  • Public relations mentions are free
  • Content marketing mentions are either free or paid
  • Advertising promotions are paid

Many public relations campaigns are a combination of free and paid message distribution, depending on your budget and overall strategy.

3. Use Content Marketing to Promote Your PR
Your website is a powerful tool to reach your audience. Incorporating SEO strategies in your online content marketing builds brand awareness and drives relevant visitors to your website. Optimize the power of content marketing and PR:

  • identify a keyword strategy with phrases your target audience searches
  • measure digital campaign effectiveness with tools such as Google Analytics
  • use content to identify and promote brand ambassadors who can amplify your message

Public Relations and content marketing are ideal partners to promote your brand or your cause. Blend PR and content marketing to maximize your marketing budget and expand your reach.

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