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Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Over Hiring In-House

Should you hire an in-house marketing team, or outsource your digital marketing to an agency?

Your marketing needs change as your business grows and changes. You need more marketing help to build and promote your business.

  • it takes time to recruit and train a marketing staff, and then someone has to manage the staff and their projects
  • in-house marketing teams will need on-going training and development to keep up with the rapidly changing world of digital marketing
  • you may not have enough work to hire a dedicated marketing person, so you’d be hiring a part-time person or splitting that person with another function, and lowering your overall marketing effectiveness
  • your marketing needs may vary from season to season, and you don’t want to hire temporary or season staff

Is marketing your core strength? For a small business, startup or nonprofit hiring a digital marketing agency is a smart solution to grow your business and watch the bottom line.

A digital marketing agency has an experienced, expert team with the skills and resources to manage your marketing:

  • special events and program promotion
  • content writers – website copy, email campaigns, newsletters, blogs
  • social media strategy and management
  • website design
  • SEO to help your business rank higher in search engines
  • visual marketing materials such as graphics, brochures, and videos

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

1. Focus on Your Key Competencies and Skills
Marketing is not your core strength.
 Let your team focus on your business – that’s what they’re best at. Outsource marketing to a highly specialized digital marketing team and let your staff do what they do best, and your marketing agency can do what they do best.

2.  Invest in Proven Success
Outsourcing your digital marketing can reduce your costs. 
Your marketing dollars stretch farther when you outsource – you hire the resources you need, when you need them, from a marketing agency with a proven track record.

3.  Increase Your Marketing Capacity
Hiring a marketing agency increases your marketing abilities
– you’re not hiring just one person, you’re hiring a team of marketing specialists with many different skills that would be expensive to hire in-house. An agency is able to increase bandwidth and gear up for your project, then when your campaign intensity diminishes, they can refocus that staff on other clients while continuing to manage your ongoing marketing needs.

4.  Expand Your Marketing Reach
A digital marketing agency has professional relationships with media, PR, ad agencies and others that benefit your marketing campaigns. A marketing agency has had successes and challenges with different types of marketing strategies, and you benefit from their experiences. 

5.  Build your Internal Marketing Knowledge
Your team will manage and interact with your digital marketing agency.
Outsourcing all your marketing or a specific project to an agency who works side-by-side with your team will develop your team’s marketing skills while assuring that your project is managed for success.

Many businesses choose a hybrid solution to marketing: they have in-house staff with marketing responsibilities but also outsource and hire a digital marketing agency for special events and needs. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a smart solution for many small businesses and nonprofits who need to grow their business and be cost-effective.

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