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Weekly Social Media Marketing Planner – FREE Download

Weekly Digital Marketing Content Planner

Each week you can use this social media content marketing planner to map out your online marketing plan in detail. We have provided a sample of the weekly planner, and a blank weekly planner for you to use.

Scheduling your social media in advance will keep you organized, boost your branding and SAVE YOU TIME. 

Weekly digital marketing planner - free download

Why do you need a weekly social media marketing planner?

Once you have completed your monthly content calendar, you need to plan the coming week’s content in detail. You can use tools to schedule out posts in advance. This is will save you time and keep you organized. Spend a couple hours one day a month or an hour a week to plan and schedule your social media. This will keep your pages current and consistent.

Be consistent on social media. It’s better to tweet once a day and be consistent than to tweet 100 times a day for a week then skip a few days because you got sick of it or something else came up. Create a routine that your audience gets used too. The worst thing is to stop posting altogether. Someone might go to your Facebook page before your website and if it is not up to date, they might think you closed your doors.

Do you know about 80/20? The 80/20 rule applies to social media. Basically, 80% of your social media posts should not be promotions of your business, but rather interesting and engaging content that appeals to your target audience. People don’t use social media to be sold to. They use it to “socialize”.

Finding time to post on social media every day can be tough for a small business owner because you wear 20 hats and many days get busy with a million other things.

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free download: Weekly Digital Marketing Content Planner

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