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Why Post on Social Media If No One Sees It?

Does Anyone See Your Social Media Posts?

It’s important to organically grow your online followers and engagement on social media and not just post content because someone told you that’s how to build your business.

What Are Organic Followers?

Organic followers grow your online community by sharing content other people want to read, as opposed to advertising to build your social media followers. There is nothing wrong with advertising on social media to find your audience and build your following: in fact, advertising is a smart way to get found in a competitive social marketplace. Not everyone has the budget or wants to pay for advertising. It is possible to build an organic social media following by earning your Likes and Fans with great content.

Organic followers – followers you earn – are your best source for future business because they really care about your message. But what if you are posting on social media… and no one is seeing it?

3 Reasons No One Reads Your Social Media Posts

1. You Are Posting at the Wrong Times
There are optimal times to post on social media to reach your target demographic. There is so much content being shared today, that it’s easy to get lost in the newsfeed of your followers, and can be difficult to get found by new audiences.

Bad timing can result in your posts getting lost online. This infographic from HubSpot shows the optimal times to post on each social media for the top social networks.

tip: Don’t simply follow these recommended times: customize the optimal social media posting times for your unique audience demographics, multiple time zones and type of content you are sharing.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

2. Your Content is Boring 
Is the content you’re posting on social media interesting to your target audience – or is it important to you? Just because you want your target audience to know facts about your business doesn’t mean those facts are interesting to your potential customers. Design a content strategy about topics your ideal customer IS interested in and customize that content for each social media platform you’re using.

Each social media platform is designed to optimize and give preference to certain types of content:

  • Instagram and Pinterest love images: Create compelling visuals that fit the size recommendations for each social media network.
    • Instagram: 1080px X 1080px
    • Pinterest: 735px X 1102px
  • Facebook videos get higher organic reach than graphics or text only posts.
    • Facebook Live is live-streaming video where you can interact with your audience via Comments and audio
  • LinkedIn is focused on professionals: recipes, baby pictures, jokes and quizzes may offend potential business clients, while they might delight potential customers on Facebook.
  • Twitter users are more likely to engage with your post if it’s accompanied by a visual. The social media pros at Buffer report:
    • Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
    • Videos get a 28% boost

3. You Aren’t Interacting 
Social media is about building relationships with your followers: communications should be two-way. Engage with your target audience and

  1. Follow them on social media
  2. Like, Comment and Reply to posts that you find interesting with insightful comments that encourage a response
  3. Share posts that you think your audience will also find interesting

tip: Social media is about being social and sharing: it’s not about you. Many social media marketers follow the 80/20 rule:

80/20 Rule of Social Media Marketing

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