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Virtual Event Marketing: How to Promote Your Online Event | Amanda MacMaster | MacManda Media

Virtual Event Marketing: How to Promote Your Online Event

A virtual event is held online rather than in real-life and allows you to reach a wider audience than in-person events. Online-only virtual events are a gathering of people where attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected via a common activity by going online over the internet.

Online event manager Eventbrite says many businesses choose to host an online event, like a virtual workshop or webinar, because:

“they’re cheaper and easier to manage than in-person events — while still extremely effective. They can also help you expand your network, and build your list of contacts.”

There are many different types of virtual events:

  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Product launches
  • Book releases
  • Interviews
  • Q&As
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Facebook Live

Event Promotion and Marketing Materials

To promote your online event you should create some marketing materials that get found and noticed by your target audience:

  • Landing Page 
    Your event landing page should have all the details on your upcoming digital event, and be designed to compel visitors to register for your event NOW.
  • Graphics
    Images and copy with key information page that sends visitors to your event landing page should include your event logo, hashtag, date and page URL. You can use your event graphics on your landing page, blog posts, social media, newsletters, ads, flyers, posters, brochures and any other digital or hardcopy promotion materials.
  • Video
    Record an Instagram Story or Facebook Live to promote your event, then download it and share your video on social media and other promotional activities.

7 Ways to Promote a Virtual Event

1. Blogs
Create blog posts that discuss information relevant to the event, and also include information about the event and a sign-up link.

2. Email 
Send your mailing list an email or newsletter where your event is the only topic in the newsletter, and inviting them to register. You can include a signup form for your online event in other subsequent emails, but announce the event to your subscribers FIRST so your valued followers have the 1st opportunity to attend.

Be sure and send reminder and followup emails to your signups and prospects shortly before your online event,

Tip: If your online event is free, in order to attend require that they signup for your newsletter. 

3. Social Media
Promote your event on all your personal and business social media channels. Be sure to share with any relevant Facebook and Linkedin groups you belong to.

4. Influencer
Invite an influencer in your industry to share your upcoming event on their social media channels.

Tip: Reciprocate! Offer to promote the influencer’s future event in exchange. It’s a great opportunity to grow your following. 

5. Email Signature
Update your email signature to include your event logo or graphic, name and date and landing page URL. Make sure all your team members include the email signature also.

6. Google My Business
Share your digital event on your Google My Business page including an image or video and link to your event landing page.

7. Involve Your Attendees 
Get your event attendees involved by inviting and incentivizing them to get more attendees by sharing your event on their social media. Give them an incentive to promote your event such as a valuable free resource or priority registration to an exclusive future event.

Virtual events are a cost-effective way to build your business and attract new followers and clients. Marketing your online event is similar to marketing a real-life event – you need to be organized, creative and persistent to spread the word and get signups who will follow-through and attend your digital event.

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