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Small Business Marketing Strategy Session

Does your marketing need to pivot- quickly? How we do business has changed – maybe temporarily, but maybe forever. Everyday we have a ”new normal.” What does your small business need to survive and thrive in today’s normal – and tomorrow’s? 

We’ll use our 5-V process to develop a custom marketing strategy that finds new ways to market your business, new customers and new opportunities. 

  1. PiVot
  2. CreatiVe
  3. InnovatiVe
  4. SurviVe
  5. ThriVe

Whether you’re a local storefront, an online shop or a community nonprofit, you need new ways to communicate and connect with your current and future clients now, and in the future. 

Survive and thrive as Amanda of MacManda Media’s leads you to identify smart, innovative and cost-effect marketing and growth strategies that will help open new opportunities for your business. MMM will train you to focus on your business growth in new ways – ways that attract new customers and opportunities. 

Your business may look different today than it does tomorrow – and that’s a good thing. 

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