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5 New Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

5 New Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

Tips to Build Buzz and Attendance for Your Event Using Social Media 

Good communications and branding are key to making your event more visible, selling more tickets and getting more attendees. Social media tools can spread your event news to a the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Social media is continuously evolving: here are 5 new ways to use social media to promote your event.

5 New Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

1. Start Snapping 
Snap (aka Snapchat) lets you share live, real-time updates on your event – whether to promote your upcoming event, showcase your live event or highlight a past event. Users like the live impromptu first-person interactions Snap offers, and 

Snapchat has over 10 billion daily views
on its video content… more than YouTube!  

Snapchat filters are very popular with users: you can create a custom branded filter for your event!

2. Social Selling Your Event 
Nonprofits and event planners are increasingly using social media to sell:

  • event tickets
  • event SWAG: t-shirts, caps
  • exclusive, limited access special events

Why? Because social selling your event is easy and convenient for your followers; and successful social media is all about the user experience. There are many tools for selling event tickets, or you can link to your event’s website sales page.

3.  Video Live
Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snap… it’s becoming easier and more important to talk to your supports live and in real-time. Depending on the platform, you can share your video live, and then your followers can watch it later. Snap videos disappear in 24 hours, while FB Live videos can be saved on your FB page for viewing anytime.

4. Instagram Stories
Stories is a way for your event to share content on Instagram when you can’t be live, and link to your website using videos or a series of images. According to Buffer,

Instagrammers with verified accounts
can now share links through Instagram stories

If it sounds similar to Snap Stories you’re right: EXCEPT you don’t have to be friends to view someone’s IG Stories. And unlike regular Instagram posts, viewers can’t be Like or post comments on Stories. The Story self-destructs within 24 hours of being uploaded and is gone forever. Eventbrite suggests event planners can use IG Stories to:

  • Provide a sneak peak of your event
  • Show behind-the-scenes planning
  • Encourage your event attendees to share their experience on IG
  • Answer follower’s questions about your upcoming event
  • Provide teasers to build excitement

5. Social Media Account Takeovers
Grow your following by letting someone your target audience likes and follows takeover and post to your social media account for an hour, a day or a defined period of time. HootSuite says account takeovers can:

  • Reach new audiences: A social media takeover is a joint effort. Both parties involved have their own audiences, so teaming up can potentially expose both accounts to new followers.
  • Increase engagement: Whether it’s a Q&A session on Twitter or a series of photos posted to Instagram, a social media takeover is all about providing quality content that your audience can engage with.
  • Build your brand: Think of a social media takeover as the ultimate third party endorsement. Hosting a takeover with an individual who exemplifies your brand can help humanize your voice on social.
  • Drive web traffic: Capitalize on the attention that a takeover generates and push people from social media to your website.

Social media continues to explode in growth. There are new social media tools that event planners can use to promote their event. The key is to understand which social media channels your event audience lives on, and promote your event on those social media channels.

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