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Fall 2019 Facebook & Instagram Changes

Fall 2019 Facebook and Instagram Changes

Its been a busy year for both Facebook and Instagram users and account owners as both social media platforms are continuing to introduce new features and changes to their algorithm. Combined, FB and IG have over 2.27 billion users, and 75% of those users logon daily. Facebook has announced that both FB and IG have new Algorithms coming this year and that Facebook has a new newsfeed coming out. According to FB, this will be the biggest change in 5 years! Some of the fall 2019 Facebook and Instagram changes have already started rolling out by country, region or account type… and creating a lot of controversy!

For small business owners and entrepreneurs who market on social media, these changes matter:

  • 60% of consumers visit your Facebook page BEFORE they visit your website or brick and mortar store
  • 80% of consumers look to see if your Facebook page is up to date
  • 62% of consumers say Facebook is the most useful social media channel to research small businesses
  • 71% of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35
  • Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day on the site
  • Instagram images get an average of 23% more engagement than their Facebook counterparts
  • Brands on Instagram see engagement from around 4% of their total followers
  • Brands see engagement rates 10x higher on Instagram than on Facebook

If you’re marketing on Facebook or Instagram, it’s important to know the upcoming fall 2019 facebook and Instagram changes that may impact your brand.

Fall 2019 Changes to Instagram and Facebook

Changes to Facebook Newsfeed

Organic reach is presently 1.6-2% of your followers. This is likely to drop after the Fall 2019 newsfeed changes are implemented

1. Smaller Images On Mobile Newsfeed

2. 3 Line Preview on Mobile

3. Lower Organic Reach
because the FB newsfeed is changing and making posts smaller, they’ll be less likely to be seen. If your post gets a good response from your targeted organic post, you can grow your reach.

  • Reactions are considered better engagement than Likes
  • Sharing is the post to their friends is better engagement
  • Replies to Comments show FB you are engaging with your followers
  • Sharing to Messenger

4. To Get the Best Organic Reach Avoid

  • CTAs in your post, ie Click Here
  • giveaways, promotions and contests
  • posts that link to outside content

Changes to Facebook Business Pages and Groups Plus Algorithm Changes

1. Targeting Organic Reach:
The new update will let you target what audience you want to reach on unpaid posts. You will be able to target segments of your followers that you want your post to reach.

2. Users Can Delete Their Old Posts
If a user leaves your Group, they can delete any posts they made before they quit your group.

3. Monitor Your Group 
Facebook will notify you when they remove or flag posts in your Group. If your Group’s posts violate FB’s standards, your Group could be shut down. FB will be reviewing Group Administrator activity.

4. Organic Reach for Groups Declining to 6.5%
Facebook group organic reach is much higher than FB newsfeed: 6.5% v 2%.

5. Don’t Boost Posts 
Post with Boosts have a lower response rate, and it will go lower with the new algorithm.

Instagram Changes

1. Remove Followers, Likes and Video Counts
Business pages will no longer show followers or visitors how many Likes or Views your posts have. This will increase the importance of Comments for social proof, which is more difficult to get. Owners will still be able to see the Like and View counts.

This count invisibility change is already in effect in some countries, and has started to roll out in the United States – and is causing a lot of controversy! We have clients in different countries and hiding the Like count has had no impact on their business.

Reminder: IG Stories don’t show Likes either – and that hasn’t stopped Stories from being crazy popular and successful with brands and followers. 

Tip: Your Instagram Business Page analytics will provide important viewer engagement stats that are necessary for social proof and for influencer benchmarks and marketing.

2. Remove Low-Quality Posts from Explore Pages 
This is intended to improve user experience. About 70% of posts are not seen in your followers’ feed – they only see about 30% of the posts they follow. Low-quality posts will not be able to be found on Explore pages.

3. New Product Launch Feature
Instagram’s new feature will allow users to set reminders of upcoming launches so they can buy products the moment they’re available. 

4. Augmented Reality Online Shopping
Instagram is integrating with Spark AR so that users can virtually “try on” products before making a purchase in the app. 

5. Instagram Threads
Threads is a new way to message with close friends in a dedicated, private space. Similar to Facebook’s Messenger, you have to download the Threads app, and people on your Instagram “Close Friends” list can get private messages, status updates and images. 

How To Maximize Facebook and Instagram Marketing in 2020

1. Set An Advertising Budget
We’ve said it before: Facebook and Instagram are both pay to play. Yes, it is possible for a post to go viral and exceed your wildest marketing dreams. But realistically, for your followers to even see your posts, you will need to pay to create and distribute an ad to reach both your followers and to attract new audiences.

2. Email Marketing 
What are you doing with all those names and followers you attract? Email marketing remains the most effective way to target and reach most demographics.

3. Analytics 
No one really likes analyzing statistics (at least no one we know) but Facebook, Instagram, Google and other social platforms provide valuable data that tells you how and when visitors to your site are engaging and what they like – and don’t like!

4. Use Video and Animation
If you don’t have videos, make them! There are a lot of free video and animation editing tools available, and if you have a smartphone – and who on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t – you can make videos that deliver your message and catch viewers’ eyes. You can even use Facebook’s free tool to make a video out of still images, add captions and sound, and then download the video to use on Instagram. Canva has an animation feature, and we like the Ripl app for DIY branded images.

5. Optimize Your Images
People use search engines to find the information they’re interested in. If you want your social posts to be found, be sure to add ALT text to your posts so that search engines AND people can find them.


Social media can be overwhelming for small business owners, entrepreneurs and nonprofits who are wearing a million hats and stretched in a million directions. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes, but it’s important to know all the 2019 Facebook and Instagram changes that will impact your business and your bottom line!

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