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How to Create Client Personas for Your Target Audience

How to Create Client Personas for Your Target Audience

Do You Know Your Clients?

If you want to build your business through digital marketing, you already know that the 1st step is to create a content marketing strategy so you have a plan of what you want to publish:

  • what you want to share
  • where you want to post it
  • how you want to promote it
  • when is the best time to post it

The why is easy: because you want to grow your business. But what about the other w: who do you want to market to?

You want to market your business or service to your target audience, the people who most need your product or those most likely to use your service. You need to define your target audience, those ideal clients who you want to receive your message.

At MacManda Media, as part of your content marketing strategy, we create client personas: detailed visual and written descriptions of your ideal client. But you already know your ideal client, right? You make clothing for millennial moms – so your ideal client is a young mom in her 20s or 30s, right? Yes: but which millennial moms are your ideal clients, and do they all behave and interact online in identical ways?

How to Design a Client Persona

Creating client personas – also called buyer personas – involves breaking down your ideal client into clearly defined demographics that help you create content to that specific persona, rather than a more generalized target client. Here’s an example:

Target Client:

  • Millennial Moms

Client Persona Details:

  • working mom
  • stay at home mom
  • college degree
  • high school degree
  • income about $50K
  • income below $50K
  • 2 or less children
  • 3 or more children
  • lives in city
  • lives in suburbs
  • lives in country
  • married
  • divorced
  • health and fitness conscious
  • sedentary
  • stylish and trendy
  • clothes are for warmth or protection
  • likes technology and social media
  • doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter and uses a

No content marketing strategy can target every potential client: that would be too an unreasonable goal. But you can create a content plan designed to reach 2 or 3 different ideal clients. From the Millennial Moms example, here are 3 client personas to target in your marketing strategy:

1.  Urban Chic Millennial Mom

Urban Chic Millennial Mom

2.  Suburban Soccer Millennial Mom

Suburban Soccer Millennial Mom

3. Earth Mother Millennial Mom

Earth Mother Millennial Mom

You can create better marketing campaigns when you really understand the needs and interests of your ideal client. Detailed client personas help you understand your target audience and design a content strategy that is targeted at specific, defined audiences.

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