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How to Promote Your Blog Post

How to Promote Your Blog Post

Every digital marketing expert will agree: your business needs a blog. But what if you have a blog – but no one is reading it? The answer? You have to promote your blog post.

Writing a blog takes a lot of time, effort and discipline. For a small business owner who’s wearing 100 hats, has a to-do list an arm long, dozens of unopened emails – not to mention a family they barely see – the question is: Do I really need a blog?

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog 

  1. Share Information 
    Blogging is a good way to keep your customers informed about your new products and offers, and what’s happening in your business or industry.  
  2. Establish Yourself as a Resource or Expert
    Blogs share your expertise on a specific topic. When you blog consistently on topics that are useful to your target audience, people who are looking for information – how to solve a problem – can find your blog on search engines, and know to come back to you as a resource.
  3. Marketing
    Blogging is important for your digital marketing strategy. You can capture leads, grow your mailing list and build site traffic to prime your sales funnel.
  4. SEO 
    Good content is key to getting found by people and ranked by search engines. Your blog copy should contain keywords that are important to your business and your audience and will help you rank higher on search engines.
  5. Branding 
    Blogging is an important tool to grow your online brand and build brand awareness. You can build a community, establish trust and create brand loyalty.

Build It They Will Won’t Come

Writing a good blog on a regular schedule isn’t the end of blogging – in fact, it’s just the beginning. Once you write the blog, the next step is to promote your blog so that people can find it.

If you’re blogging and not getting increased website traffic that leads to more sales and opportunities, then your efforts are wasted. You must actively promote your blog to increase views, shares and rank. There are 5 key ways to promote your blog so that it gets read.

4 Ways to Promote Your Blog

  1. Social Media
    When your blog goes live post the URL with supporting copy and image on all your social media. Use can different messages so the exact same copy isn’t posted on all your channels. Digital marketing expert Guy Kawasaki says each post should be reposted and shared multiple times to reach audiences in different time zones. Evergreen blogs (content that doesn’t have an expiration time) can be reposted weeks or months later or even longer.
  2. Mailing List 
    Don’t assume all your clients, prospects and fans are going to read every blog you post – or even know that you posted a blog! Your mailing list is a good way to share new blog posts – include a blog title, image and URL in your mailings or start a new mailing just to share blogs with news your audience will want to know.
  3. Repurpose
    A well-written blog can be repurposed to used in different formats. Key points can be extracted and used in an infographic, excerpts can be pulled and explored deeper as a fresh article for another platform, facts and data can be used as social media posts, several posts on a specific topic can be built into an eBook or guide book.
  4. Guest Post
    If you wrote a great blog on a topic useful to people outside your typical audience, offer it as a guest post on another blog. Other business bloggers need good content, and they are as short on time as you are. Offer to share your blog on their site, with your author information and a link to your site. You may want to add: This article originally appears on YOUR WEBSITE. People who like your information will click the link to visit your site, and become your audience!

This checklist is full of ideas and strategies on how to promote and market your blog post. Checklist author Marvin Russell says:

Multiply the time it took to write your blog post by three, that’s how much time you should spend marketing your new blog post.

How to Market Your Blog Post: Free Checklist

How to Market Your Blog Post: Free Checklist 

Everyone says you need a business blog because the benefits to blogging are significant to building your online visibility and growing your business. But blogging doesn’t end when you hit Publish. The critical part of blogging is promoting your blog posts so they get found and read online.

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