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5 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Professional Branding

Professional Branding: What Your Social Media Profiles Say About You

Your social media profiles send a strong message on who you are and what you want to talk about online. In seconds your viewers will decide whether they want to read your posts, follow you, respond to you – or ignore you and go on to the next profile. An annual 5-minute social media audit is important to spot-check your online bios so that something critical isn’t forgotten… such as a job change or a new accomplishment.

tip: Mark your calendars: schedule an annual 5-minute social media audit every January

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips 

For professional branding and networking, LinkedIn is key to building your career and growing your business. (Must Read: 5 Reasons You Need to Be On LinkedIn). Your LinkedIn profile is key to demonstrating you’re a savvy professional who means business!

1. Custom URL
1st impressions count, and on LinkedIn your URL demonstrates if you’re an experienced business person or if you’re not comfortable online. A custom URL optimizes your profile for search engines, and is not the impression you want to leave.

2. Optimize Your Summary
LinkedIn automatically displays the first 223 characters of your summary below your headline, followed by See More (only 63 characters display on mobile). A carefully crafted Summary with a clear call to action will spur people to click and See More.

3. Keywords Count
Keywords make your LinkedIn headline searchable: but don’t limit keywords to your headline. Keywords are vital in the first few words of each section of your LinkedIn profile so your message is clear and memorable. The right keywords lead to opportunity.

4. Don’t Leave Blank Spaces
LinkedIn is giving you an opportunity to promote yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition. Whether you’ve just graduated and are searching for a first job or you’ve been on LinkedIn for years, search through your accomplishments and make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete.

5. Volunteering Gives An Edge
People like to do business with other people. Take LinkedIn beyond the basics and include your volunteer and cause-related interests, with the goal that like-minded people will want to connect with you!

LinkedIn isn’t difficult to use, but it is strategic. Make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the competition by using simple techniques that demonstrate your skills and make it easy for potential opportunities to connect.

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