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Virtual Office and Event Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofits

Virtual Office and Event Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofits

Overnight the way we do business has changed – and many small businesses and nonprofits are trying to figure out how to survive the current crisis. Business owners are online watching other businesses who seem to be not only surviving but thriving as they adapt to a new way of doing business using virtual technology to serve their clients and get new leads to grow their business. 

Are you new to the world of virtual offices and event marketing – and overwhelmed by all the choices in video conferencing tools, confused about how to promote and host a webinar and frustrated figuring out how to get started?

  • Live Concerts
  • Trainings & Classes
  • Webinars  


  • Meetings  
  • Client Consultations   
  • Special Events
  • Podcasts  

Our Virtual Event Marketing for Small Business and Nonprofits provides you with a 1-stop resource for all your virtual event planning needs. We’ll not only train you to run virtual events – MMM will help you create the events and plan and execute them! 

  • Strategy: What do you want to accomplish, and when? What’s your budget? What resources do you have? Who’s your audience? We’ll help you choose the right tools and create a smart marketing strategy.
  • Graphics and Copy: Our dynamic, eye-catching graphics and compelling, persuasive copy will get your event noticed and encourage signups by the people you’re targeting. 
  • Integration:
    We will integrate your virtual events with your social media platforms and email service provider to build your online visibility and sales channels. 
  • Training:
    We’ll teach you to use your video marketing tools, how to set up event registration and how to create  and conduct a virtual event. 
  • Promotion:
    MMM are experts in local and digital event marketing. We’ll use our skills and resources to promote and market your event.


Virtual technology can help your business survive during this period of social distancing – and it can continue to help your business thrive when we get #BackToBusiness. Small business and nonprofit recovery from this global crisis won’t happen overnight – but it will happen. Smart business owners have used this time to get creative and explore new ways to build their brand and grow the business – such as opening a virtual office or hosting virtual events.

Once we start to return to business as normal, MacManda Media can help you integrate virtual offices and event marketing into your brick and mortar business.